Facts on abortion clinics - pro-life organization tapes Planned Parenthood offering to conceal child abuse Planned Parenthood and National Abortion Federation protect men who commit child abuse & statutory rape
Right to life group tapes Planned Parenthood offers to conceal statutory rape Report on Planned Parenthood clinics cover-up of child abuse and statutory rape Stop Planned Parenthood's abuse cover-up Abortion workers - statutory rape is a crime. Penalties for failure to report child abuse
Tapes reveal that Planned Parenthood and the NAF routinely protect men who sexually abuse underage girls Planned Parenthood & NAF abortion clinics make more money by concealing child abuse and statutory rape Prosecute Planned Parenthood clinics that ignore child abuse reporting laws & help men conceal child abuse Parents and victims can sue for damages because failure to report puts at children at risk for continued abuse A report on Planned Parenthood concealing child sexual abuse and the legal rights of parental rights to sue Planned Parenthood and National Abortion Federation protect men who commit child abuse & statutory rape
The shocking statistics that reveal America's sex abuse epidemic
Child predators are a nationwide threat that can affect your family
Laws designed to protect underage girls are regularly disregarded
Ensuring future victims by helping predators cover up their crimes

In America today, a junior high school girl is more likely to become pregnant by an adult than by someone close to her own age. Even worse, with adult men who prey on underage girls, there is an unusual phenomenon - as the age of the victim goes down, the age of the perpetrator goes up.

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Compared to girls who are sexually active with boys in their own peer group, underage girls who become sexually involved with adult men are more likely to:

  • have multiple sex partners
  • engage in dangerous sexual behaviors
  • become pregnant
  • drop out of school
  • run away from home
  • abuse drugs or alcohol
  • end up on welfare
  • be estranged from friends and family
  • be in physically abusive relationships
  • become divorced
  • be lured into prostitution
  • In addition, sexually active girls between 11 and 13 who are having sexual relationships with men more than five years older than themselves are significantly more likely to attempt suicide.

    We live in a sex-obsessed culture in which girls are more vulnerable to sexual predators than at any time in our nation's history. Any parent who thinks their daughter is not a potential victim is fooling themselves.

    Read the LDI Special Report on Child Predators

    America's epidemic of child sexual abuse is being driven by several factors, one of which is technology. The image most people have of men who prey on underage girls is that of a pervert in a trench coat lurking around a school playground. The reality is that today's perverts are far more likely to be lurking around in Internet chat rooms. Technology is making it easier for men who prey on young girls to acquire victims, while dramatically reducing the chances they will be caught.

    In addition, children today are much more involved in activities outside their homes and schools than ever before. Our research indicates that girls who are sexually exploited by adult men very often meet their abuser as a result of one of these activities.

    Sexual activity with underage children is illegal in all 50 states. Every state also mandates that if a healthcare worker has reason to suspect that an underage girl is being sexually abused, they are required by law to report that information to child protective services or another agency designated by the state. That agency is then responsible to investigate the possibility that the child may be the victim of sexual abuse or statutory rape. The important point is that a healthcare worker is required to report the incident, not investigate it.

    Laws list health care workers as State mandated reporters of child abuse

    The pregnancy of an underage girl is evidence that she may be the victim of sexual abuse and, therefore, any healthcare worker who has contact with a pregnant underage girl has an obligation to initiate a report to their state's designated agency. The job of determining whether or not the circumstances that led to this girl's pregnancy are criminal lies solely with child protective services or the state agency to which the report is mandated.

    Moreover, the fact that a minor girl may be lawfully allowed to have an abortion or secure birth control without her parents being informed is irrelevant. The law still mandates reporting of the sexual activity to the state.

    Abortion providers and agencies that refer for abortion are underreporting the incidence of statutory rape, a form of sexual abuse, that regularly comes to their attention during the provision of abortion "family planning services" to girls that are under the age of consent.

    Every state has a law requiring healthcare providers to report possible child abuse and there are criminal sanctions for not reporting contacts with minors when evidence exists that such abuse may be occurring. Additionally, each state also defines "child abuse" by statute - and most states specifically note that the "physician-patient privilege" does not override the requirement to report suspected cases of possible abuse.

    When this sexual abuse is not reported, underage girls continue to be victimized by adult criminals because these criminals are not caught. Still, the abortion industry encourages "family planning service" providers not to report this abuse. Worse yet, the abortion industry enables the continued abuse of these girls by providing them with contraceptives, which makes underage girls even more accessible to sexual predators.

    LDI's Investigation exposes the cover-up connection & shows how this harms future victims.
    Punish those who protect pedophiles and violate laws designed to protect underage girls.
    Victims of sexual exploitation or their parents may be entitled to seek damage awards.
    Click here to read (or print) LDI's Special Report on the Child Predator investigation.
    Abortion industry employees who violate reporting laws may be in legal jeopardy.